5 Best Manual Bilge Pumps for Boats & Kayaks in 2022

From budget to heavy duty units perfect for larger boats, here are the best manual bilge pumps to get today

I love the water — as long as it stays outside my boat. When it doesn’t cooperate, I need to be prepared to take action. This is where bilge pumps come in.

In this article, I’ll share with you which I think are the best manual bilge pumps available today. They come in all shapes and sizes but they all do one thing: keep you safe. When choosing one, we evaluate them based on their capacity, portability, and quality. We want something we can trust with our lives so it should a good balance of the three.

Better Boat Whale Gusher Amarine Kayak

Best overall

Best for high volume

Best for kayaks

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.6

The best manual bilge pumps for boats and kayaks

The best overall

Boating and kayaking is all fun and adventure but when things go bad, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Better Boat’s manual bilge pump is a great way to ensure you’re safe all the way through. Equipped with a 39″ long hose, you’re sure to reach the bottom of your boat easier. Giving you more flexibility to position the pump properly. 

Best for jobsites

If you need a hand pump that’s made with the best durability, get a Siphon King. This pump is made with a strong steel shaft but still maintains its lightweight form. It’s a great choice not just for boats but also in work sites and residential settings. To top it all off, pumping is easy and priming is quick. You can remove a gallon of water in just a few strokes.

The best for versatility

Seaflo’s manual diaphragm hand bilge pump is the perfect companion for your next boating adventure. It’s a compact 12 GPM pump that comes in two handle versions: plastic and aluminum. The former is designed for lightness while the latter for flexibility of use (can be used in two positions). 

The best in durability

Originally designed for agriculture, SeaSense’s hand bilge pump is transformed to fit the needs at sea. Bearing a portable design but with the same robust construction as always, the pump is now a go-to choice for land and sea folk alike. 

The best for high volume pumping

For larger boats up to 40′ and even longer, you need a pump that has what it takes. Whale manual bilge pumps are high capacity pumps that comes in three sizes. It’s a heavy duty pump with innovative features sprinkled in. A great choice for a pump you rely on for your safety. 

The best hoseless option

If you’re tired of easily damaged hoses when you go kayaking, why not get rid of it? Attwood’s 18″ hand bilge pump lets you keep yourself safe without even using a hose. This pump is perfect if you want all the needed performance without the added hassle. 

The best for kayaks

Nothing beats feeling the weight of the water on the oar as you propel yourself. But when something wrong happens and that water gets inside the boat, you better be prepared to take it back where it belongs. This is where the Amarine kayak bilge pump comes in. It features an ergonomic design for easy gripping as you pump the water back out. Keeping you safe and preventing swamping.

Best features

One common problem with bilge pumps is how fragile the hoses are, especially near the end where it’s attached to the barb. So BEST made a quick fix by making both ends of the hose attachable. Giving your hose nearly twice the longevity. This is a great hand pump you’d love to take whether you’re going kayaking, canoeing, or even boating.

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