Best Waterfall Pumps in 2022

Imagine having a waterfall just outside your home. You wake up to a beautiful morning to the sound of the falling water. It’s the perfect way to start your day. There’s just one little piece of the puzzle needed to make it all work — the waterfall pump.

In this article I’ll discuss everything you need to know about waterfall pumps — how they work, their types, and answer frequently asked questions. Of course I’ll also share with you the best waterfall pumps for your pond available today.


Best Submersible Pump

Best External Pump

Best Solar Powered

1250 to 5000 GPH models

3600 to 8200 GPH models

898 to 1268 GPH models

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.7

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Best Waterfall Pumps

Best Submersible Waterfall Pump

Aquanique offers highly reliable submersible pumps perfect for improving the health and beauty of your backyard pond using a waterfall. There’s a whole set of pumps ranging from 1250 GPH (5’ height) to 5000 GPH (15’ height) to help you create the waterfall you have in mind. 

All of the pumps are well made and really simple to install. Just remember, if you choose the high flow pumps, make sure to cut the 1 ½” part of the adapter with a hacksaw and only use the 2” part. 

Best External Waterfall Pump

The Sequence 4000 is a top choice by hobbyists and professionals alike. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized ponds where you need to balance flow and head capacity with efficiency. Not only can you move a huge amount of water, keeping the fish and the pond healthy, but you can also create a fountain or a magnificent waterfall. 

The best part? You can fully immerse yourself in the serenity of its beauty with the Sequence pump’s ultra-quiet motor. Even more so considering you only have to use an estimated $1.3 per day for the larger 8200 GPH model. The pump is available in 3600, 5000, 5800, 6800, and 8200 GPH models.

Best Solar Powered Waterfall Pump

The solar-powered Aquaplancton MNP SP50 lets you harness the power of the sun to run your own private waterfall. How cool is that? With two solar panels, you can use the 50W pump to move up to 898 GPH of water every single day without having to add to your electricity bill.

Never had any experience with solar panels? That’s not a problem. This kit comes with easy to follow instructions and can be a nice little warm-up to the world of solar energy.

Best for Anti-Clogging

If you’ve had problems with debris clogging up your pumps in the past, the Tetra Pond Debris-Handling pumps might be what you need. It has a pre-filter cage surrounding the pump to keep leaves, sticks, and other debris from going in and blocking the water. 

In case debris does get in, it can easily handle up to ¼” diameter solids without clogging so you can rest your mind at ease. With these pumps, you have nothing to worry about as it can run continuously and go on for a long time without any maintenance. 

Best for Multi-Features

Having a waterfall is great and all but guess what’s better? Having a waterfall and a fountain using one pump. The Little Giant Waterfall Pump gives you just that. It has dual discharge which means you can supply two water features at the same time.

It’s corrosion-resistant body can be installed underwater — either vertically or horizontally. These rugged pumps come in 3 sizes which I think are perfect for 5’, 10’, and 15’ waterfalls respectively.


Best Budget Pump

Having a waterfall outside your home ain’t cheap. If it was, lots of people would have one. Luckily, there are some affordable pumps available that can help you get the waterfall you want without having to file for bankruptcy. 

The Vivohome Electric Submersible Pumps are awesome high-performing machines that can give you the water feature you want for your home. From a humble stream to a raging waterfall, you can get them all with these 5 pumps that go from 1600 GPH to 9000 GPH. 

Budget Pick Alternative

If you’re looking for a great pump that does everything you need without being breaking the bank, an Alpine PAL pump is what you need. These pumps are very flexible and can be installed on land or hidden underwater. 

They’re highly popular and are available with 7 models, from 2100 to 10300 GPH, to choose from. You can get the perfect size whether you want a small fountain or a full-on waterfall.

Best Premium Choice

Tsurumi PL series pumps are the best you could get if you’re looking to keep your waterfall going for years to come. These Japanese-made pumps are best known for their reliability and quality. It has all the protection needed to make itself last against the elements. 

Protection from overheating, permanently lubricated bearings, clog-resistant impellers, silicon carbide seals, and stainless steel housing — even the power cord is reinforced to prevent water from seeping. It’s one mean water machine!

How do waterfall pumps work?

Waterfall pumps work just like any other water pump. The most common type uses a motor to spin an impeller that imparts velocity to the water. This velocity is converted to pressure with the help of the shape of the pump’s casing. 

The pressure allows the water to travel far and high through pipes that lead to a discharge point at the top of the waterfall.

What are the types of waterfall pumps?

Waterfall pumps come in two different configurations. The first is the submersible type where the whole assembly of the pump is submerged in water. 

This allows it to stay hidden away from sight. It also helps dampen the sound coming from the pump making it a popular option among homeowners.

The second type is the external or inline type where it’s installed outside of the water. This type is usually more powerful but they can disrupt the scenery. There are, however, ways to conceal them and make them less obvious.