Best Water Pressure Booster Pumps 2024: Budget, premium, and advanced

From small off-grid units to pumps with tanks, here are the best water pressure booster pumps to get right now
Imagine waking up to a beautiful morning. You hop out of bed to take a nice cold shower and freshen yourself up for the day. You turn the knob on expecting water to hit your head but the trickle falls straight down the floor, splashing near your feet. Frustrating, but you remind yourself it’s always been like that and you’re used to it. But one day you finally had enough and found yourself here. If all this is true (and I sound like a fortune teller), then you’re in the right place.
In this article, we’ll talk about how to improve your water supply with a water pressure booster pump. We’ll discuss how it works and what you’ll need to look for when finding one. I’ll also share the ones with the best balance of performance, quality, convenience, and price — because you’ll want a pump that works beautifully in all important aspects.
Simer 4075SS-01 Grundfos MQ3-35 AMTROL Pressuriser

Best for most homes

Best in quality

Best pump and tank combo

Add up to 40 psi

Add up to 51 psi

Add up to 40 psi

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.5

Editor Rating: 4.6

What is a water pressure booster pump and when do I need it?

A booster pump is used to increase the water supply pressure going to outlets, i.e. fixtures, in a building. It’s commonly used in tall or uphill homes and buildings where the pressure from the city water mains isn’t enough to provide reliable water pressure at every point of the house. They’re also needed for homes that are near the edge of the city water supply line where the least amount of pressure is left.

How does a water booster pump work? 

The booster pump’s operation is usually controlled by a pressure switch. When someone opens a tap, the pressure in the supply line decreases signaling the pump to turn on and attain the set pressure. Once the tap is turned off and the set pressure is once again reached, the pump turns back off to protect your pipes from bursting.

It has a motor that spins an impeller. When the impeller rotates, water is pushed by the motion and moved to the areas with low pressure in your home through your plumbing.

Will a booster pump increase flow?

Pressure booster pumps increase pressure and subsequently improve flow. Since you’re pushing the water much harder, more water will flow out of the tap whenever you open it. This also results to more water getting sucked into the pump since water from the main line flows to the point with lower pressure — which now happens to be your home.

When not to use a water pressure booster pump

Booster pumps can offer you a clear improvement in your home’s water pressure. But here are a few things to check first:

  • Water leak: fix the leak first and see if pressure improves, adding a pump may aggravate the leak
  • Low pressure is at a single area (except at the highest point of the building): possible clog or damaged valve
  • Booster pump restrictions: Ask your plumber if it’s legal to use a booster pump in your area as it could hog the water

The Best Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Best water pressure booster pump for most homes

Capacity: 24 GPM and 40 psi | Motor: 3/4 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 2-story homes

Booster pumps are expensive but they’re worth every penny when you find the right one, this is where the Simer 4075SS-01 comes in. This pump gives the boost in water pressure you need for your home without costing so much that you have to rent out a room. At a discount of the price of other booster pumps, it performs and lasts like the best of them. 

If I do have to nitpick, I would point out the slight amount of noise. The humming may be noticeable at night when everything else is silent. But there are ways to get around that such as simply installing it a bit further away from the bedroom. Despite that, it doesn’t take away the fact that this is the best pump to get if you want a solid pump without spending a fortune.

Capacity: 22 GPM and 51 psi | Motor: 3/4 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 3-story homes

You can ask any professional who works with pumps and they’ll tell you that Grundfos is a top-tier manufacturer with an excellent track record. Their MQ pump is one of the best all-in-one solutions to water pressure problems. Its compact size and superb quality construction make it a popular choice among professionals and homeowners alike. A high quality product from a trusted brand that you can trust for years of reliable service.
Adding up to 51 psi of water pressure, you’ll be able to get better pressure in your home even when you have to open another tap or two. You’ll be done with chores faster plus you’ll finally get that nice shower you deserve. It’s quite expensive though which may turn a lot of people off. But those who can bite the bullet will finally be able to relax and enjoy their peace, specially with its super silent operation. It’s perfect for people who want the job done with the least amount of worries through the years.

Best booster pump with pressure tank

Capacity: 10 GPM and 40 psi | Motor: 3/4 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 2-story homes

Popular for their high quality pressure tanks, AMTROL offers the RP-10HP booster pump. A pump and tank combo with a ½ HP motor. It’s capable of up to 10 GPM of flow and adding 40 psi of pressure. You might think that the flow is on the low side but since it comes with a 14 gallon water reservoir, it should add a bit of a buffer. The pump can fill and charge it up when water is not in use so you have some water and pressure reserved before you open the tap and get away with a smaller motor that saves electricity, specially when you consider how it won’t have to turn on and off as often.

It is expensive though and might be a bit out of budget for most people. If that’s the case, you could choose a different pump  from this list and get a pressure tank separately. But if you want the problem done in one go, I think this would be the Amtrol Pressuriser is your best option.

Best for boosting pressure to a single area

Capacity: 10 GPM and 18.56 psi | Motor: 1/3 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Installation near point of use

If you only want to improve pressure for one shower or faucet, or if you have a small home, you don’t need the high powered booster pumps above. This KOLERFLO pump can get the job done for you. It’s a capable little pump that can definitely increase your pressure for a very affordable price. 

Best for off-grid and RVs

Capacity: 3.2 GPM and 35 psi | Motor: 12V DC | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Off-grid and RVs

For remote use, it’s best to use a 12V pump you can use anywhere with a battery. If you plan on camping or perhaps own a boat or an RV, the Flojet Quad II is the pump to get. It’s a nifty little pump that can give you water anytime and anywhere. 

Self-priming and easy-to-install, the Quad II is a great choice even if you’ve never set up a pump before. It’s also highly compact and, with the right installation of noise-absorbing mountings, very quiet. . It’s not that quiet though but totally bearable. Nevertheless, this pump is a steal and a must have — a perfect companion for the adventurous.

Awesome ready to install combination

Capacity: 20 GPM and 52 psi | Motor: 3/4 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 3-story homes

This DuraMAC booster pump is a ¾ HP stainless steel booster pump that comes with a 2 gallon pressure tank. Best for homes with incoming water below 25 psi, this pump can reach maximum flow and pressure of 20 GPM and 52 psi respectively.

There are operation modes to help it adapt to different situations. There’s the pressure mode for normal applications, the flow mode for fluctuating pressures, and the conservation mode for peak demand backup. It’s a great pump and tank combo that ensures great water pressure for your home.

Best for smart control

Capacity: 15 GPM and 65 psi | Motor: 1 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 4-story homes

Ever wonder what it feels like to have great water pressure even when other people in your home are also using water? The Grundfos CMBE can give you that. 

Using an integrated speed controller, it maintains water pressure throughout your system every single moment of the day. When it senses you’re using water, it speeds up to give it to you. And when you’re done, it slows itself down to conserve energy and keep your pipes from breaking.

It’s equipped with an intuitive control panel to help you change the pressure to the set point you want. If you’re too busy (or too lazy) to go down, you can even control it with your phone. The Grundfos CMBE is for people who want complete convenience every step of the way. It’s available in different sizes to best fit your home:

  • The CMBE 1-44 for 5 taps open up to 3 floors.
  • The CMBE 1-75 for 5 taps open up to 4 floors
  • The CMBE 3-62 for 10 taps open up to 4 floors.

A great pump with an awesome controller

Capacity: 20 GPM and 57 psi | Motor: 1 HP | Auto-run: Yes | Best for: Up to 4-story homes

If you want complete convenience in adding water pressure, the Davey BT-Series should definitely be at the top of your list. Packing the Torrium2 controller, all your water pressure fluctuation is taken care of throughout the day so you get to enjoy unending water supply without fear of your pipes breaking. 

My favorite part? It’s smart enough to detect and even counter leaks — automatically reducing its own cut-in pressure to avoid short cycling. Extending pump life and improving overall efficiency. It’s available for those with 2-40 psi (BT14-45) and 10-50 psi (BT20-30) of incoming water pressure.

What to look for in a booster pump

Build Quality

It has to be free from obvious design flaws that would just make the pump useless after a few months. You’ll find that low-quality or poorly designed pumps are the most common reasons for user complaints when it comes to water pressure booster pumps. Leaks and malfunctions can render the whole pump useless after a short period of time if not remedied that’s why the build quality has to be on top of the list when you’re looking for a pump that’s worth it.

If the water is meant for drinking, the pump has to be approved for potable water by using rust-free materials such as stainless steel. The electronics must also be of great quality, these will control the pump’s operation and anything that goes wrong with them will likely result in the pump and pipes being damaged.


Some pumps have controls that allow you to manage how you want your pump to run, at specific times of the day and parameters. If this is important to you, then it should be considered when selecting. Good old pumps would do for most applications but some modern comforts could make the difference for you.

Pressure control must be sensitive and smart enough to answer the water demand while keeping the pipes safe. It also has to have a thermal overload, low inlet pressure trip, and other self-protecting mechanisms installed to keep itself in the best condition for as long as possible.


Although I’d like to say that the price shouldn’t be a factor when choosing a quality booster pump, we have to be realistic.  To answer this, we’ve chosen alternatives for every price point and highlighted the important features they’re good at to make it easier to choose.


Nothing beats having a shower with strong water pressure. The refreshing feeling it gives at the start and end of the day is a simple joy everyone should have. The booster pumps shared above are some of the best you’ll find to help you achieve the pressure you want. Now you can enjoy that shower and washing the dishes won’t feel as much of a chore. 

And that’s it. Do you have any experience with using any of the booster pumps above? Are there other pumps you’d like to add to the list? Tell us all about it below! We’ll also try to answer any of your questions.

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  1. I need to know the weight and size of the Package for the Amtrol Pressurier booster.
    I would be sending the package to the Grand Cayman for use on my Beach House.

  2. In July 2017, I bought a Scala2 water booster pump from Grundfos. It lasted 9 months. After much difficulty, I received a second Scala2. It lasted 9 months before failing. Under warranty I received a third Scala2 pump. It lasted 23 months. December 29, 2020 the third pump failed. All three had same problem, leaking from the bottom pump seal. Is there a pump that works well and lasts 7-10 years or more out there?

    1. Hi David, that seems to be the common issue people have with the SCALA2 which is why I didn’t include them here. I don’t know your system so I doubt I could give you the best advice with minimal info. You could, however, check numbers 1, 2, 7, or 8 above as a start. Although they don’t have as much features as the SCALA2, they should last longer than yours did (as long as it fits your system).

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