Best Generators for Well Pumps in 2022

It’s one thing to lose power but losing water supply on top of that is just unacceptable. Yet that’s exactly the case when you use a well pump. The best thing you can do is to hit these two birds with one stone.

In this article, I’ll share with you which I think are the best generators you can get for your well pumps. They’ve been carefully chosen to match the power requirements of your pumps. All you have to do is choose your size.

Champion 6250W Westinghouse WGen7500 A-iPower SUA12000ED

Best for up to 1 1/2 HP pumps

Best for larger well pumps

Best for whole home

5000W (6250W surge)

75000W (9500W surge)

9000W (12000W surge)

69 dBA

72 dBA

69 dBA

3 years warranty

3 years warranty

2 years warranty

Editor Rating: 4.8

Editor Rating: 4.9

Editor Rating: 4.8

The Best Generators for Well Pumps

The best for pumps of up to 1 1/2 HP

This Champion 6250W DH is a hybrid that combines the power of the conventional with the efficiency of inverter generators. It can support up to 1 ½ HP well pumps with its 5000W running and 6250W peak power capacity.

What I like about this and other inverter generators is that it’s capable of throttling the engine when it’s not at 100% capacity. This helps you save a lot more on fuel costs specially in the long run.

Best value for larger pumps

This Westinghouse portable generator is the best you can get for larger well pumps. It’s a 7500W gasoline generator with 9500W of peak capacity.

Although it doesn’t have dual fuel capability, this generator makes up for it with a slight boost in efficiency. It can run up to 11 hours at 50% load. Giving you more time between refills.

My favorite part about it though is that aside from having an electric starter, it also comes with a remote key fob. That’s some sweet icing on top of this great generator.

Best dual fuel for larger pumps

If you want both power and flexibility, this Champion Dual Fuel generator is the best you can get. It’s rated for 7500W on gas and 6750W on propane with peak capacity each at around 25% above that.

Unlike the DH series, this is a conventional type generator. This means that even though it makes more noise and uses more fuel it would have been a lot cheaper if it weren’t for all the added features. Like the electric start for the engine which is definitely nice. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the outlets are uncovered. Although that’s definitely an easy fix if you have to.

All in all, its price, adaptability, and performance more than make up for it. This is a great portable generator for well pumps nearing the 3 HP range. 

The best for whole home supply

When you have a more powerful well pump, you need a generator that can match it. This A-iPower dual fuel generator is rated for up to 9000W (12000W peak) with gasoline and 8500W (10800w peak) with propane. Giving you enough wiggle room for your pump and other equipment.

It’s equipped with a 50A receptacle for a much larger current capacity. It even comes with a 25 feet extension cord as a bonus.

The only drawback is that it only has 2 years of warranty compared to the 3 years from others. Although I think you could trust A-iPower’s quality, the extra year would’ve been nice.

If you can live with that, I’m sure this generator will make you happy.