Best Gas Powered Water Pumps in 2022

From lightweight to high pressure units, here are the best gas powered water pumps to get right now

Gas powered water pumps. A staple in construction, agriculture, and even homes for decades now. But how do you even start looking for one? Do you just buy the one with the best reviews? Well it’s little less simple than that. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The first thing you look for is the capacity. You want it to be able to pump as fast and as fast as you need. It should be efficient so you save fuel, you don’t want to save money on the pump only to spend double on fuel. It should also have a sturdy build to make it last for years of use outdoors. Lastly, it should be lightweight and portable.

That’s why we picked these five pumps (and a few runner-ups) that fit those criteria best. We’ve also categorized them depending on what type you’re looking for so you’ll find it easier to choose. 

Honda WB20XT4A Champion 66520 DuroMax XP650WP

Best all-rounder

Best for debris

Best for budget

164 GPM and 45 psi

158 GPM and 42.4 psi

220 GPM and 39.5 psi

44 lbs.

66.1 lbs

65 lbs.

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.6

Editor Rating: 4.3

The Best Gas Powered Water Pumps

The best all-rounder

Capacity: 164 GPM and 45 psi |Engine: 118c Honda GX120 | Pump build: Cast iron | Weight: 44 lbs. | Inlet & outlet: 2″ NPT

Here we have a commercial grade Honda pump. I don’t have much to say about its engine — the name should be enough. Instead, let’s talk more about the pump.

This robust cast iron pump is capable of pumping up to 164 GPM and 105′ of lift. That’s a 20,000 gallon pool in just 2 hours. These pumps are for people who have to deal with water in different circumstances. Whether that’s avoiding flooding, draining the pool, or filling up tanks. And with a lightweight 44 lbs. body, it’s easy to bring anywhere. 

The best for debris

Capacity: 158 GPM and 42.4 psi |Engine: 196cc Champion | Pump Build: Cast iron | Weight: 66.1 lbs. | Inlet & outlet: 2″ NPT

If you plan to pump water with a bit of debris here and there, this self priming Champion semi-trash pump can handle 9/16″ (¾” for the the larger model) of solids. It’s a 2″ gas engine pump with a capacity of 158 GPM and 98″ head. 

It has a rugged cast iron construction yet remains lightweight at 66.1 lbs. If that’s too heavy for you, it also has wheels for added portability. 

It also comes with a complete hose kit for both the suction and discharge. Which means one less thing to worry about. Best for people with a bit of debris in their water. 


The best for budget

Capacity: 220 GPM and 39.5 psi |Engine: 208cc DuroMax | Pump Build: Cast iron | Weight: 65 lbs. | Inlet & outlet: 3″ NPT

Pure power at an affordable price. That’s what DuroMax gives you with the XP650WP gas powered water pump. Pumping up to 220 GPM, you’ll be able to do any job fast and easy. And with the EZ pull system, you won’t have to tire your muscles trying to start it. You may have to break some sweat lifting though, since it’s 65 lbs and doesn’t have any wheels. That may not be much for some, but for convenience, less is always better. This pump is best for people who are looking for a capable pump but are in a budget. 


Best for light applications and portability

Capacity: 74 GPM & 52 psi | Engine: 49cc Honda GXH50 | Pump build: Aluminum | Weight: 20 lbs. | Inlet & outlet: 1.5″ NPT

For a gas powered water pump you can carry with one hand, this 20 lbs. Honda WX15 is for you. Using aluminum for its components, you get a pump that’s as strong as it is light.

It can pump up to 74 GPM and 52 psi which is great for the usual applications in your home or business. Whether that’s transferring water, showering your pets, or washing your car, this is a good bet. And with the trusted Honda quality, you know you have a great pump you can count on for years. 

For an even lighter unit though, you can also check out the Honda WX10 with half the capacity.

Best for long distance spraying and firefighting

Capacity: 135.3 GPM & 94 psi | Engine: 160cc Honda GX160 | Pump build: Aluminum, cast iron, steel| Weight: 60 lbs. | Inlet & outlet: 2″ NPT

This NorthStar pump is a high pressure pump perfect for firefighting and long distance spraying. It uses a Honda GX160 engine that lasts up to 2.5 hours on a 0.95 liter gas tank. 

The pump can produce flow and pressure up to 135 GPM and 94 psi. That’s almost twice the pressure of most other pumps here. It uses a combination of aluminum, steel, and cast iron to achieve a great balance of weight and durability. 



We also rounded up a few other engine powered pumps we think are worth looking at. They may not be the best in the categories above but they sure hold their own. In no particular order :

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