Best 100 GPM Water Pumps in 2022

When you want to move a lot of water fast, you need a powerful pump that can give that to you. These pumps can help you easily clear water out of a pool, circulate a pond, or protect the house from flooding.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best 100 GPM water pumps available today. They’ve been hand picked from dozens of different models thanks to their performance, quality, and reasonable price.

Wayne CDU1000 Goulds IRRIGator Honda WB20XT4A

Best Sump Pump

Best for Sprinklers 

Best Engine Powered

101 GPM max flow

110 GPM at 5' suction

164 GPM max flow

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.6

Editor Rating: 4.7

The Best 100 GPM Water Pumps

1. Wayne CDU1000

The best for sump pumps

Large amounts of water coming into your pit? You need this 1 HP Wayne sump pump. With a maximum flow of 101.6 GPM, it’ll be out in a breeze.

Wrapped in cast iron and stainless steel, the CDU1000 is not only a powerful machine, it’s a tough one too. And with their great reputation for float switches, I doubt you’ll need the 5 years of warranty. To top it all off, it’s pretty cheap. Can’t get any better than that.

The best for sprinklers

Watering your lawn and plants can become expensive fast. That’s why you need the right tools to help you get the job done. The Goulds GT IRRI-gator pumps can supply up to 86 GPM of flow and provide adequate pressure for a couple dozen sprinklers (depending on your system).

It’s a durable cast iron pump that’s also capable of sucking water from up to 25’ of head. Making it perfect for getting water from lakes, streams, and shallow wells nearby. 

If this isn’t enough for your system

Best external pump for your pond

If you have a medium sized pond, you’ll want a pump like the Sequence 6800. It’s the most reliable external pond pump you can get with a great amount of flow. Reaching up to 114 GPM and 22.2’ of lift, you’re sure to give your pond the air it needs to be healthy.

Despite moving that much water, it remains economical using only $1.2 of electricity per day. Giving you a strong pump with great practicality. Letting you enjoy the scenery without having to worry about your bills.

Best submersible pump for your pond and water gardens

Using a submersible pump for your pond allows you to enjoy its beauty without any distractions. The Aqua Pulse is a reliable pump capable of moving up to 133 GPM of water. Perfect for medium sized ponds with average head requirements.

It’s pretty efficient too — specially for a submersible. With 520 watts of power consumption, you only have to pay $1.67 at most in electricity bills for a day. A true workhorse that does its job effectively and silently at a reasonable cost.

The best engine powered pump

A gas powered pump like this Honda WB20XT4A gives you the ability to do many things with water. You can drain water from a pool or basement, fight fire, water your plants. All that without being constrained by the length of a power cable.

This is a powerful self priming pump with up to 164 GPM of flow and 105’ of lift. It runs up to 1.7 hours on a single refill even at max discharge. That’s more than enough time to do what you need to do. 

What is a water pump?

Water pumps are machines used to move water. There are different types suited different applications. They vary in sizes from small portable pumps for everyday use at home to large industrial pumps for supplying feed water to power plants.

For residential, the most common ones include pumps for sprinklers, wells, sumps, pools, and ponds.


A 100 GPM pump is considered pretty powerful but sometimes they’re just what we need. Allowing us to do the job effectively and easily. 

These were the ones I found that outperform the others when it comes to pumping 100 gallons of water in a minute. I’ve tried my best to find one for each occasion but I’m sure I missed some of them. Make sure to tell us about others we should include in the comments below!

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  1. How about a 10 HP 230V /60 cycle Submersible Pump and Motor’ to pump 140 PSI & 100 GPM clear Lake water into our 4 inch Irrigation line. This unit is placed about 3 feet below the lake surface.

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