Wayne WSS30Vn Review: The best budget combo sump pump

Can you imagine waking up to an unexpected pool in your basement? If the thought keeps you up at night, you might want to think about upgrading your sump pump. 

In this article, we’ll discuss one of the best ways to do so by using one of the most popular combination sump pumps out there — the Wayne WSS30Vn. This setup packs the powerful Wayne CDU800 primary pump and the ever reliable Wayne ESP25 backup pump in one compact package. A beautiful combo to help you forget your flooding woes. 

Why choose the Wayne WSS30Vn as your sump pump?

1. Great capacity and battery efficiency


The Wayne WSS30Vn’s primary pump uses a powerful ½ HP motor and can move up to 3840 gallons of water per hour to a height of 10 feet. The backup pump has a battery-powered DC motor that can pump up to 1680 gallons per hour of water to the same height. 
There’s a mismatch in capacity between the two but that’s because the primary is just too powerful. There are no backup sump pumps currently available that can match it. You don’t have to worry though, it’s rare to need all 3840 GPH of flow inside a typical home. 


A single battery charge can help the backup pump move up to 10,000 gallons of water from the pit. If that’s not enough, you can always add a battery in parallel for more capacity. A deep cycle battery is recommended for sump pump applications.

2. Reliable build quality

This new model is an upgraded WSS30V. Both the primary and backup pumps are now made of a sturdy coated steel motor housing and cast iron base. The coating is done well and you can expect it to last for a few years. When it comes off though, expect some amount of rust to start developing. But that still shouldn’t be a problem for most installations.
The impellers are hard glass-reinforced thermoplastic which is strong and rust-free. So no worries there aside for erosion which should be okay if you’re just pumping the typical sump water.
They have reliable float switches tested up to 10 times more than the competition. You won’t hear many complaints with Wayne pump switches sticking and that’s because it’s one of their strong points.

3. Decent features

The system has a panel that indicates the status of the battery’s charge using LED lights. It also has an audible alarm to tell you when the charge goes low or when the backup pump started running. They’re basic features for a combination system but are great at this price point. They could help you operate the pump better and help you prepare and adapt in case something goes wrong.

4. Easy installation

The assembly can fit in 16-inch diameter basins which means it’s pretty compact. That’s almost the same as what a typical primary pump needs. All you really have to do is to put it in the basin and connect the pipes. Not that different from a primary pump installation. 

Each pump has a heavy-duty check valve to keep the discharge of one pump from going out of the other. Which should keep you safe from backflows that could keep one of the pumps running again and again.

The package comes with an easy to follow manual to help with the installation. There’s also a battery box included to protect the battery from moisture. And it’s sturdy enough to resist impact and whatnot throughout the years. 

Final thoughts on the Wayne WSS30Vn

The Wayne WSS30Vn is the best combo sump pump system you can get if you want something that’s powerful and reliable without breaking the bank. It’s a well designed and long lasting assembly that can give you confidence to leave your house and do your thing. Although the pump’s capacities could have been matched better, it’s still a really great package for its price. No doubt why it remains as one of the most popular combo sump pump out there.

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