Best Small Sump Pumps in 2022

Small sump pumps are perfect to protect against water damage if you only have a light amount of water getting into your basement. It won’t raise the electricity bill as much and the pump itself is cheaper too.

Most of these pumps can fit without a problem into smaller basins. The Liberty 247 can even work in 10-inch basins — perfect if you have a 5-gallon bucket basin– thanks to its compact vertical float switch design. Here are the best small sump pumps:

Liberty 247 Flotec FPZS25T Superior 92550

Best Overall

Best for Heavy Flooding

Best Budget

1440 gph @ 10'

2150 gph @ 10'

1200 gph @ 10'

Fits in 10" basins

Fits in 14" basins

Fits in 14" basins

Editor Rating: 5.0

Editor Rating: 4.8

Editor Rating: 4.4

Best Small Sump Pump Reviews

The Liberty 247 is a solid performing cast iron sump pump that works perfectly in small sump pits thanks to its compact vertical float switch design.

The submersible pump has a uni-body cast iron housing that reduces the need for a seal at the lower part giving fewer chances for water to break into as time passes. Stainless steel for the intake allows it to be virtually free from corrosion that can cover up the holes over time in cast iron pumps.

It’s quiet and does the job effectively, pumping 1440 gallons per hour of water at 10 feet of elevation.

Cord length is 10 feet but if you think you need more, it uses a quick-disconnect attachment that allows easy replacement without breaking the seals of the motor. 

Liberty 257 is a solid, compact, and very reliable sump pump perfect for use in non-standard basins not less than 10 inches in diameter.

The Flotec FPZS25T is a powerful ¼ HP submersible sump pump you can use if you have high head applications but a narrow basin. If you don’t need to pump the water that high or that far though, you may want to consider a pump with less flow rate to avoid short cycles.

 It has a corrosion-resistant thermoplastic base with a Zinc housing that allows faster heat dissipation for a better motor life. The impeller is plastic but it should last as long as there are no solids in the pit.

Its tethered switch design is very reliable but not ideal for very small basin applications but should work fine if you have a 14-inch basin. The good thing about the tethered switch though is it allows the pump to turn on and off less frequently.

Overall, the Flotec FPZS25T is a reliable sump pump that does a great job of keeping the water out. It’s a reliable mid-range alternative to our top pick, the Liberty 247.


Superior 92250 is a small thermoplastic submersible sump pump you can get if you want a long-lasting pump while staying on the budget. It has an all thermoplastic construction which is great for corrosion but will not dissipate the heat as efficiently as cast iron or zinc. This shouldn’t be a problem though if the pump only has to run a few times every hour.

It has a tethered switch design but unlike the Flotec FPZS25T which has a 9-inch range, it only has a 4-inch distance between the on and off points. This Superior pump can make the pump run twice as often compared to the other. The good thing about it is that the motor is equipped for continuous duty applications unlike most of the pumps in its price point.

For small basins that only have a small amount of water coming in, the Superior 92250 is the best you can get without spending that much money. thermoplastic base with a Zinc housing that allows faster heat dissipation for a better motor life. The impeller is plastic but it should last as long as there are no solids in the pit.

The Liberty 237 offers a more powerful ⅓ HP motor instead of the ¼ HP motor the Liberty 247 uses. This is perfect if you have a small sump basin but need to pump out the water high or far. The range of the vertical float switch is short at only 3.5 inches but Liberty has made sure to take care of that.

To minimize the issue with overheating from possible shorter cycles, this small sump pump uses a finned aluminum housing. Aluminum has an excellent cooling rate and the fins allow more surface area to come in contact with the water allowing an even faster rate of cooling to protect the motor. It cools up to 225% faster than traditional cast iron sump pumps.

It also has a highly efficient motor that uses up to 40% less electricity so you have one less thing to worry about.

The Wayne CDU790 is a very powerful ⅓  HP submersible pump that can still work perfectly in small pit applications. It has a sturdy steel motor housing with epoxy finish and a base with cast iron construction that ensures long lasting protection against the elements. 

If you have high head where you need to discharge the water far or higher than 15 feet, most small sump pumps will struggle in water removal. The 2220 gph capacity at 15′ by this pump though will do the job perfectly. Just make sure you don’t use it for less than that, otherwise it probably won’t last from the constant cycling of the motor that causes overheating.

Like every other Wayne sump pump, the CDU790 has a top suction design

minimizing the chances of air lock in the discharge pipe which is a common cause of basement flooding. The switch is also tested up to 1 million cycle which speaks volumes on its reliability.

Why do you need a small sump pump?

The main advantage of using a small sump pump for small basins is a longer life span. Having a larger pump will not only take up more space in the pit, but it also pumps water out faster. 

This can cause the pump to turn on and off more frequently — usually called short cycling. It can cause the motor to heat up and eventually break down its insulation leading to damage. In fact, this is one of the reasons sump pumps break down as early as 2 years.

Buyer's Guide

I’ve assigned ratings on each pump for all the important criteria to help you choose the best pump. They’re based on the given product specifications and actual customer reviews of the products. 

Build Quality

Before we consider its features and performance, we need to make sure it has a sturdy build quality with no obvious design flaws. Heavy duty sump pumps are rare and they’re even harder to find amidst all the tempting choices but they’re totally worth every single penny.

Every part of a heavy duty sump pump must be resistant to corrosion and build-up while being strong enough to resist impact and erosion. 

Individual parts must be made of materials that are appropriate for their purpose. For example, aside from protecting what’s inside, the motor housing material should also encourage heat transfer to help in motor cooling. Float switches must also be resistant to punctures and accumulation of dirt and gunk.


 You need a sump pump system that you can count on every single time. If you want to sleep soundly even during stormy nights, you need to have a pump with the best features. 

The motor must have proper protection, such as an overload protection, and bearings that allow it to run as quietly as possible.

The switch must be well designed for the intended application and help the pump do its job without any issues. It must also be compact to function without a hitch in narrow sump pit applications.


A good sump pump for basement applications must perform the job effectively. But more than that, we want a pump that performs efficiently. This means it can move that same amount of ground water with less electricity.

Of course, there’s a limit to it, but a well-designed pump will get us closer to the ideal without sacrificing its lifespan. The two main factors that go into this are the current draw and the pump’s flow rate, basically the input and output. 

Ease of Installation

Installation is the final consideration for choosing a crawl space or basement sump pump. Since a lot of us are installing the pump on our own, a pump that’s easy to install will definitely be helpful.

The weight, dimensions, recommended basin size, cord length, discharge connection, and even the user’s manual are all considered in rating.