5 Best Water Pump Brands in 2022

Water pumps enable us to live comfortably in a modern world. They help us grow crops, produce all types of things, and distribute water to communities everywhere. These machines are super important to our daily lives that without them, society would crumble. Fortunately, it’s probably not hard to get one where you’re reading this.

The problem is that there are hundreds of brands vying for your attention that it’s easy to get lost searching for the one. So in this article, I’ll share with you some of the best water pump brands for residential and commercial applications. We chose companies with the right experience, reputation, and product line up so you can find the perfect partner for your needs.

The Best Water Pump Brands Today

1. Grundfos – Water booster pumps

Weak water pressure can get annoying fast but most of us just put up with it. We would either wait for the pressure to go up or fill up some containers for storage. With all this time and effort used, it might be better to invest in getting a water booster pump that can increase the water pressure.

Grundfos is the pumping industry’s behemoth that offers all types of pumps for nearly every application. A globally-recognized brand, Grundfos has a history of producing pumps trusted by clients from across different industries. For water booster pumps, the manufacturer has models such as the MQ, the SCALA, and the CMBE.

2. Zoeller – Sump pumps

A sump pump is your last line of defense against basement flooding. These pumps, placed on a pit at the lowest part of your home, is responsible for making sure that any water that gets into your basement is sent back outside. They’re must-haves for buildings in flood-prone or high water table areas.

Zoeller is the industry leader for sump pumps for decades now. They offer long-lasting sump pumps that offer reliable protection against indoor flooding. Not exactly the cheapest in the market, but definitely on top in terms of value in avoiding paying thousands in water damage repairs.

3. Honda – Gas-powered pumps

For those in need of a portable pump they can use anywhere outdoors, a gas powered pump is the perfect type for you. Whether you need a pump for de-watering, washing the car, or construction, a gas powered water pump is a great addition to your arsenal.

For gas powered pumps, the most critical component is the engine. This is why Honda, the world’s top engine manufacturer, has been dominating the space. They produce some of the most rugged and fuel-efficient gas powered water pumps for domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications.

4. Sequence – Water feature pumps

If you have a fountain, a waterfall, or even a pond, a water feature pump is the type of pump you need. These pumps are designed to make sure you get the water feature you want by providing the right amount of pressure and flow with as little electricity as possible. Since most of these pumps have to run 24/7, efficient use of power is very important and is where a company like Sequence shines.

Sequence is one of the top brands in the industry and is a favorite among professionals and home-owners alike. They offer robust, energy-efficient pumps for different water feature applications that can surely improve your home and business.

5. Superior – Utility pumps

A utility pump is the most versatile pump there is. You can use it to move water for a variety of applications around your home. It usually has a smaller build which is great for easy portability. Unlike other pumps, however, most utility pumps aren’t designed to be used continuously. Which means you can’t use it in place of a sump pump permanently. You’ll probably burn the motor after some time. Use it only as a backup or for smaller tasks, it’s always best to use a pump that’s made for the job.

For utility pumps, Superior is the superior brand. They carry a wide range of pumps to suit different needs and serve them at prices other just can’t beat. Definitely the superior choice when it comes to utility pumps.

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