Best Sump Pumps for Crawl Space in 2022

Water that accumulates on the floor of your crawl space can cause all sorts of problems. Allergies, insects, odor, and even structural damage are just a few off the top of my head. You need a reliable sump pump to keep it dry and healthy.
In this article, I’ll share with you the best sump pumps for crawl space available today. When choosing one for our homes, we evaluate them based on how much water they can pump, the quality of their construction, and how convenient they are to use.

Do I really need a crawl space sump pump?

If your area is prone to rain or have a high water table, you will likely need a sump pump in your crawl space. Same goes if you have any plumbing down there. When the pipes leak, you will need a way to drain the water before it causes problems.  

Our home is the most important property that we own and it’s only right that we take proper care of it. One of the most common causes of damage to a house is moisture. A wet and damp environment encourages mold, wood rot, and even termite infestation resulting in serious health effects or damage to the structure. 

How does a sump pump work in a crawl space?

When you install a sump pump, stagnant water that usually accumulates at the lowest areas of your crawl space will instead be directed to a sump pit. The pump would drain the water from the pit via pipes or a hose and discharges it to the ground outside where it won’t cause problems.

Liberty CSP237 Zoeller 108001 Liberty 257

Best overall choice

Great alternative w/ longer cord

Best standalone pump

1800 gph at 10 feet

2040 gph at 10 feet

2250 GPH at 10 feet

Aluminum housing

Cast iron housing

Cast iron housing

Editor Rating: 4.7

Editor Rating: 4.6

Editor Rating: 4.6

The Best Sump Pumps for Crawl Space

Best complete crawl space kit

The Liberty CSP 237 is the top choice for crawl space sump pump kits. It uses a powerful ⅓ HP motor that performs really well even in smaller basins. It’s super efficient and uses up to 40% less electricity than other pumps of the same size so you have one less thing to worry about.

The motor housing stays super cool thanks to its aluminum build with fins that achieves up to 225% better heat dissipation. That’s a total game-changer in keeping the motor in top shape for a long time. The kit also includes a durable sump liner and a hose that’s 24 feet long. It only has a 10′ cord though but I think its price, performance, and quality more than makes up for it.

Best alternative with extra long power cord

Zoeller is one of the most trusted brands in the sump pump industry and its crawl space kit does not disappoint. The Zoeller 108-0001 kit packs the Zoeller M53 — a robust and solid performing pump that delivers up to 2040 GPH at 10 feet of elevation.
Considered one of the best sump pumps for decades, the M53 packs quality that only a few come close to. It uses a solid cast iron housing with sleeve bearings to provide cool and quiet operation.
The slotted basin keeps rocks and debris outside while allowing water to go in. The kit also comes with a 24′ hose and a hose adapter that allows you to connect it to the pump’s discharge. The liner has dimensions of 14.9″ x 15.6″ — perfect for crawl spaces. 

Best overall standalone pump

If you want a pump like the CSP237 without the kit, the Liberty 257 is perfect for you.  It can pump a large amount of water at 2250 gph up to 10 feet for only 5.2 A. Yet thanks to its permanently lubricated ball bearings, it will run as cool and quiet as a sump pump can get.

The Liberty 257 sump pump has received overwhelming reviews from users for years. Thanks to that and all the other features it brings, this is easily one of the best standalone pumps you can get for your crawl space.

Best standalone for heavy flooding

Wayne is known for their powerful yet affordable pumps that can last as long as the best of them. The CDU790 is a powerful pump that can move 3060 gallons per hour at 10 feet — that’s nearly 50% more than any pump above — at only 3.65 amps. It has a sturdy build quality and quite a few tricks up its sleeve. There’s the airlock free operation, the reliable switch with a good range, and the silent operation.

The Wayne CDU790 is easily the best sump pump for your crawl space if you need more power. An efficient and reliable pump packed with great features for a fraction of the price.

Best kit for heavier flooding

The Little Giant 14940655 crawl space sump pump system offers a powerful pump in a well-built corrosion resistant basin. It will bring you 24/7 protection from flooding in your basement allowing you to live your daily life without having to worry about your home.

The basin is larger than ideal for crawl spaces especially with the height at 22″. Yet, for those with a bit more space down there to maneuver, the size is just perfect to allow more water to get into the pit. 

Useful accessories

If you have an existing pump or prefer a different submersible sump pump than the ones that come in packages, you might want to check out the Jackel SF 15-DR sump pump liner. 

It’s sized 17″ x 16″ which should fit easily in most crawl spaces and has the perforations ready to let the water in and keep the solids out. The basin is capable of holding up to 15 gallons of water and is made with really strong, heavy duty structural foam. It fits perfectly with the SF185S basin cover.

Buyer's Guide

Build Quality

The pump itself must have a sturdy build quality with no obvious design flaws. Heavy duty sump pumps are rare and they’re even harder to find amidst all the tempting choices but they’re totally worth every single penny.

You need a pump that can withstand the harsh environment beneath the crawl space. There are a lot of things down there that can easily damage most equipment but a good sump pump will endure.


The pump should give us confidence to sleep soundly even during the stormiest of nights. The motor should be of high quality with top of the class bearings to remain quiet and last for as long as possible. The switch must also be well designed to give the best operation possible in the cramped spaces of a small crawl space basin.


The pump should be able to pump out as much water with as little electricity needed as possible. Most fast sucking pumps seem great but it’s not only water that goes with it, when the electricity bill comes your money gets sucked too.


Installation is the final consideration for choosing a sump pump since a lot of us are installing the pump on our own. The crawl space usually has less room for people to move around which is why it’s important for the basin to be just the right size for easy handling in the restricted space. 

You should also consider the overall weight, basin dimensions, cord length, discharge connection, and even the user manual’s quality.

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