5 Most Important Pumps You Need for Your Home

Pumps have been a staple in millions of homes around the world for more than a century now, and rightfully so. These machines can move water much faster than we could ever hope to achieve with basic tools. They can help us extract water from the ground, transfer it, or use it for different applications. They even protect us in times of disasters. But which of them are ‘must-haves’ in our homes? Well, that depends on every home.

  1. Sump Pumps – if you have a basement or crawl space

Water has a habit of seeping through every crack they can find even when they’re really small. When a part of our home is below the ground, the water from around it will try to get through the micro ‘pores’ in the walls. Over time, this water can accumulate and even cause flooding that can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs for water damage. It could also result in molds and allergies and may even lead to the house being uninhabitable.

To combat this, homeowners have installed sump pumps in a pit at the lowest levels of their homes. The pit gathers the water and the pump moves it out of the house when the water gets high enough. Keeping the basement dry and healthy.

  1. Booster pumps – when you have low water pressure

Ever wondered how those nice hotels get great water pressure even when you’re at 5 or more stories high? Their secret is using a booster pump. Booster pumps push the water from the city or a tank and give it more pressure energy. The pressure allows the water to go farther and higher letting you have that great shower you’ve always wanted to have. 

  1. Water feature pumps – for fountains, ponds, and waterfalls

If you want to have a healthy looking pond, beautiful fountain, or a gushing waterfall right outside your home, you should definitely get a water feature pump. These pumps give the water the boost needed to move and create the feature you want. They also help keep the water clean and healthy by giving it more air and passing it through a filter. 

  1. Sprinkler pumps – for your lawn or garden

You might have the most beautiful house in the neighborhood but if your lawn looks uncared for, it won’t reach its full potential. What you need is to be able to water that lawn at the right moments no matter where you are. You can do that using sprinklers. 

But you have weak water pressure, you say? Well, all you need is to install a sprinkler pump. This pump pressurizes the water from the city (or well pump) and sends it to every single blade of grass in your lawn through your sprinklers. Say hello to a healthy and beautiful lawn. 

  1. Utility pumps – for dealing with everything else involving water

Draining the pool, moving water to different containers, clearing out a flooded basement — these are just some of the things you can do with a utility pump. It’s a nifty little pump you can carry anywhere to do just about any task involving water. Most of them you can use with the garden hoses you have in your home. No need for pipes or new connections.

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